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When South Park was good

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I might as well just turn this into a Simpsons blog

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Sacrifices of going to Riot Fest

I almost never ever ever leave New Jersey. The one weekend I’m going to be in Chicago 2 AMAZING shows get announced in the area.

First: Gaslight Anthem/ Jimmy Eat World/ Against Me! at PNC. This one I could get over since PNC is one of my least favorite places to see a show and I’m never satisfyed with Gaslight’s set list for some reason. Regardless it’s 3 bands I love and Against Me is one of my favorite bands.

Second: They just announced a show featuring my other favorite band, The Bouncing Souls, the day I leave for Chicago. The stinger about this one is its at Court Tavern, a bar 15 minutes away from my house. This one hurts. The Souls are going to be at Riot Fest but the fact that theyre playing at such an awesome place kinda sucks.

I just needed to complain about that. I cant do awesome things at home because I’m doing awesome things in Chicago that weekend. But seriously whats next is Jawbreaker going to have a reunion in NYC that weekend?

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I found enough of your hairpins to build you a monument, 
A statue to loneliness. Breathe it in. Let it go. 
I caved a piece of the drywall in,
Replaying the argument,
I’m icing my swollen fist. It’s a lie and this isn’t a home, no, no.
I’m just skin and bones.
I broke my cell phone
Cause it won’t fucking tell me when you’re coming home.

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I made a list of my Top 50 Albums.

I already want to change some stuff around and change out some of that later ones but I’m just going to stick with this one. It’s a pretty accurate presentation of my favorite albums throughout my life and not just the way I’m feeling about stuff atm

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This reminded me of that Alkaline Trio song

Cause if assholes could fly. This place would be busier than O’Hare

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